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University of Michigan Press

This book is a practical resource to help educators better understand the possible traumatic backgrounds of their students and how that could be affecting their academic, social, and emotional lives. It  also focuses on how school personnel can create a safe environment in schools and classrooms to help student recognize, nurture, and expand their internal resilience that has enabled them to weather past situations and allow them to continue the healing process.

Students with Interrupted Formal Education:  Bridging Where They Are and What They Need

Brenda Custodio and Judith B. O'Loughlin

Corwin Press

Under the best of circumstances, the academic demands of today’s classrooms can be daunting to our English learners. But for the tens of thousands of newly arrived students with interrupted formal education, even the social challenges can be outright overwhelming. 

Rely on this all-in-one guide for expert insight on how to build the skills these students need for success in school and beyond. Inside the book, you will find:

  • Essential background on factors leading to interrupted education

  • Specific focus on refugee children and Latino immigrants

  • Guidance on building internal resilience for long-term social and emotional health

  • Recommendations for creating supportive environments at the classroom, school, and district level


About one thing, Brenda and Judith are absolutely convinced: SIFE students can learn and make progress, often at a remarkable speed.  But it’s up to us, their educators, to provide the time, attention, and a specific focus. Consider this book your first step forward.

Here is an article from the American Federation of Teachers magazine based on our SIFE book.

Newcomer book cover.jpg

How to Design and Implement

a Newcomer Program

Brenda Custodio

Allyn and Bacon

While the atmosphere and focus of education has changed to center strongly on standards and assessment, there is still room for programs that focus on meeting the needs of beginning level English learners.  This book will look at the process for creating a program for your new arrivals as well as what components will best support these students as they transition to their new school and new environment.  It includes information on curriculum and materials, staff selection and training, and typical non-academic supports needed by these students, many of whom often have interrupted education and limited home language literacy.



Oxford University Press

This product developed by Judith O'Loughlin provides teachers with specific strategies to build student vocabulary. Through direct, explicit instruction, English learners and struggling learners will acquire new content area vocabulary and build word knowledge from incremental, repeated and varied exposures to words. It supports an instructional routine that uses the research-based Gradual Release of Responsibility, Productive Partnering and other models as an effective way of increasing language acquisition.



Academic Language 
Judith O'Loughlin 
Oxford University Press 

The Academic Language Accelerator is a series of activities and strategies that support vocabulary and language development.  It is designed to be a teacher resource with a focus on the academic           vocabulary critical in the content area classroom.  

It can be used in conjunction with the Oxford Dictionary series or as a stand-alone component. 

Academic Langauge Accelerator.jpg

Coming in January 2022

Custodio, B. & O'Loughlin, J. B. (2022).  Preparing Per-Service and In-Service Teachers to Work with Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education. In L. J. Pentón Herrera (Ed.), English and students with limited or interrupted formal education: Global perspectives on teacher preparation and classroom practices. Springer.

Judith B. O'Loughlin and Brenda Custodio

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